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XianYi is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic packaging interconnection materials in China, providing highly reliable electronic packaging solutions. Dedicated to aerospace, microwave&RF, laser ,IR, optical communication, power electronics and other fields to provide Solder Preforms, AuSn Solder Paste, AuSn Solder Seal Lids, AuSn Thin Film Heat Sink, Nano-Ag Paste and AMB Ceramic Substrates and other products.

Interconnecting Materials for Electronic Packaging

Solder Preforms

Over a hundred kinds of solder alloys (Au80Sn20, Au88Ge12, etc) available.
AuSn Solder Paste.

Company Vision

Leading brand of semiconductor microassembly interconnecting materials.
We aim to becoming the integrated service provider of microelectronic packaging and semiconductor devices based on key materials, energizing semiconductor interconnections.

AuSn Solder Seal Lids
AuSn Thin Film Heat Sinks
AMB Ceramic Substrates
Nano-Ag Paste
AuSn Solder Paste

AuSn Solder Seal Lids

●Six-sided electroplating, salt spray resistance over 24h

●Precise tacking

●Small solder joint, no oxidation or breakdown.

●High gas tightness, high corrosion resistance and high reliability

●Independent production in whole process including lid forming,
lid electroplating, solder preform forming and precise tacking

AuSn Thin Film Heat Sinks

2~10 μm AuSn solder layer deposited by PVD method 

Alloy film with good solderability

End products and AuSn coating processing services available

Possessing process capability of thin film circuit manufacturing

 including lithography, deposition and scribing

AMB Ceramic Substrates

●Self-developed active brazing material

●Whole process flow self-controlled

●Ultra-low interface void, high thermal conductivity

●Excellent temperature shock resistant, high reliability

Nano-Ag Paste

●Self-developed nano-Ag dispersing system, RoHS compliant

●Pressureless or pressure-assisted sintering

●Low sintering temperature and high working temperature

●High connecting strength, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity

●Alternative to high-lead solder

●No organic residue, cleaning free

AuSn Solder Paste

Excellent wettability, high corrosion and oxidation resistance

Easy to clean after soldering

Good sphericity

Fast delivery, 1 week delivery

Long shelf life, 6 months

About Us

Manufacturer of Advanced Semiconductor Connecting Materials

Providing technical consulting service and solutions

Founded in December 2008,Guangzhou XianYi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of advanced packaging and connecting materials, and a well-known domestic micro-assembly material solution provider.
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State-Level National High-Tech and New-Tech Enterprises
State-level Technologically Advanced "Little Giants" Enterprises
Engineering Research Center of Guangdong Province
GB/T 19001-2016 idt ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
GB/T 19001-2016 idt ISO 9001:2015 Environmental Management System
IATF16949 Automotive Quality Management System
GB/T29490 Enterprise intellectual property management