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Solder Preforms for SMT

*Solder preforms ensure accurate solder amounts

In PCB SMT process, solder paste reprint is unnecessary.  Solder preforms and solder paste can be used together to strengthen the solder joint strength and enhance the reliability of welding and the product yield.  

*Solder preform washer to eliminate the secondary welding process needs

In the PCB through-hole assembly process, solder ring preforms is placed on the connector pins by a pick device.The connector pins will experience reflow soldering with solder paste at the same time to shorten the process and improve the reliability of welding.

*Carrier tape packaged solder preforms for SMT simplify operation and improve economic efficiency

Solder preforms packaged with carrier tape can provide you with simple use for SMT application.Due to the predetermined standard amount of solder, it can simplify operations and save manpower. Solder preforms can form uniform welding spot to simplify the examination procedure after assembly. 

Dimension and Package of Carrier Tape Packaged Solder Preforms

Solder preforms can be packed according to customer requirements. We can provide standard specification 0402, 0603, 0805 and 1206 solder preforms. We even can change the thickness with the length and width unchangeable to meet your requirement.

*The dimension of solder preform

*solder preform-carrier tape package

According to your request to provide different alloy compositions and various specifications of solder preforms